I prefer to buy products by reading texts in my native language and I found that 92,2 customers percent of people do that

MyGlocal FZ LLC CEO Olga Nayda The most insightful service user

I ask Gloc.al customer Olga Nayda “Why do you want to buy in your native language?”

She answered me:

Because I enjoy reading and writing in it.

I can’t imagine life without reading and writing.

I enjoy writing.

I’m attracted to being able to express my thoughts on paper.

It’s just like in life.

When we talk, we reveal ourselves.

When we write, we express ourselves more fully.

We can express our feelings, thoughts and ideas so that others can understand.

We can share our ideas, thoughts, emotions, and experiences with people.

And this is very important.

That’s why users read in their own horny language! See? She went from reading to using language and expressing emotions!

It’s important for the buyer to feel, his native language helps the business communication through feelings

We launched our Gloc.al project precisely because of this need to feel what you buy in the language with which these feelings are connected! Inclusivity and Gloc.al are inseparable.

What is inclusion? Inclusion is a concept that ensures that every member of society has equal rights and opportunities.

Who are these people in our case? They are immigrants whose feelings have not yet migrated to the new native language but remain in the “old” native language, and they feel this “oppression by English”!



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