Last News! Olga Nayda CEO of Glocal participated as a speaker on panel session of Encubay and In5 Dubai at Aspire, Inspire, Build An Empire Vol. 2

On 10th March, 2021, the in5 Tech, Dubai Internet City was abuzz with activity as the Aspire, Inspire, Build An Empire event was underway. The event was organized by Encubay and in5 and was attended by leading investors Anisha Singh and Deeksha Ahuja. Olga Nayda, co-founder of Glocal Platform, participated in the event as a panel speaker.

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The discussion was hot about points of growth of female founders in MENA region

The other panel speakers included Yasmin Rose, Perihan Abouzeid, Avneet Kohli, and Priti Sawant. Olga Nayda spoke specifically on the topic of launching websites on new markets and how Glocal Platform can help businesses to do that.

The panel discussion was a great opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to gain insight into the world of business and how to get started. Olga Nayda highlighted how important it is to have a well-defined strategy in place before launching into the market, and how important it is to have the right team in place to support you.

The event focused on launching businesses in the MENA region and panelists discussed the key points of raising capital from angels and big funds.

Overall, Olga Nayda’s participation as a panel speaker at the “Aspire, Inspire, Build an Empire” event was a great success. Her insights into launching websites on new markets were extremely valuable and her enthusiasm for the success of entrepreneurs was inspirational. Nayda is an experienced entrepreneur and her passion for helping businesses succeed was evident throughout her participation in the event.

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