Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub. Alex Pospekhov FB Post As A Trigger and COO Aleksei Dolgikh brief overview.

Luxembourg Manufacturing Ecosystem. 52 Startups: Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining/Transformation/Analysis/etc, more…

Luxembourg Manufacturing Ecosystem 455 CORE BUSINESS 52 Startups 753 Companies 298 Industry 40 Enablers

Machine Learning:

Machine learning is one of the key technologies used by startups in the Luxembourg manufacturing ecosystem. This technology allows machines to receive input data and use algorithms to automatically detect patterns and adjust decisions without manual intervention. With this technology, manufacturers can reduce production costs, lower lead times, and optimize supply chain operations. Machine learning can also be used for predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, and demand forecasting, helping startup companies reduce downtime and boost their efficiency in the manufacturing process.


Automation is another technology playing an important role in the Luxembourg manufacturing ecosystem. Automation has made it possible for companies to reduce the time and cost it takes to produce goods while ensuring quality and consistency. Automation has streamlined processes such as material handling, packaging and inspection, allowing startups to optimize their operations without increasing labor costs. In addition, automation helps to eliminate production errors and improve worker safety by removing human contact from potentially dangerous tasks.

Internet of Things (IoT):

The internet of things (IoT) is a key technology being used by startups in the Luxembourg manufacturing ecosystem. IoT sensors enable companies to collect large amounts of data from manufacturing processes in real-time, giving them a better understanding of their operations and helping them identify opportunities for improvement. With IoT, manufacturers can monitor machine performance, detect issues before they become serious, and remotely control equipment from any location. In addition, IoT technologies can be used for predictive analytics, allowing startups to preemptively take proactive measures before serious problems occur.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality (AR) is an important technology that has been adopted by many startups in the Luxembourg manufacturing ecosystem. AR enables companies to gain an immersive view of their workspace and quickly identify potential problems or areas of improvement. AR also helps reduce production time by allowing workers to access detailed information about objects without having to consult physical manuals or drawings. In addition, AR helps with training new employees by providing them with a detailed view of the factory environment and allowing them to understand how different systems work together.

3D Printing:

3D printing is another key technology used by startups in the Luxembourg manufacturing ecosystem. 3D printing enables companies to produce complex components quickly and cost effectively, giving them a competitive edge over traditional methods of production. 3D printing gives startups the flexibility to customize components according to their needs, making it easy for them to experiment with novel materials and designs without sacrificing too much time or money. This technology also reduces lead times for companies looking to produce goods more efficiently and can significantly reduce inventory costs by producing goods only when needed.


Robotics is one of the most important technologies adopted by startups in the Luxembourg manufacturing ecosystem. Robots offer a number of advantages over human labor, including faster assembly speeds, improved accuracy, improved quality control and greater flexibility when adapting products to customer demand. Robotics also helps reduce production costs by automating many of the tedious tasks associated with producing complex goods, allowing manufacturers to focus their resources on more profitable activities such as market research and product development.


Blockchain is another key technology being used by startups in the Luxembourg manufacturing ecosystem. This technology enables secure data exchanges between different parties without requiring a central authority or third-party verification. This makes it ideal for streamlining international trade and preventing counterfeits from entering the market. Blockchain also offers increased transparency throughout the supply chain, making it easier for companies to track their products from source to destination and reducing paperwork typically required for customs clearance processes.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is another technology being deployed by many Luxembourg-based startups in the manufacturing ecosystem. AI can help automate intense calculation-based tasks more efficiently than humans ever could, significantly boosting the speed and accuracy of operations in factories and other production facilities. AI can also be leveraged for predictive maintenance, helping manufacturers reduce repair costs and prevent unexpected downtime from occurring on their production lines. Finally, AI can be used for quality control purposes, giving startups an added layer of assurance that their output meets regulatory standards as well as customer expectations.

Why do 72% of the core business companies have less than 50 employees?

Primary Focus on the Customer: Customer needs come first in Luxembourg manufacturing, with products focused on delivering on customer expectations.

Fostering Innovation: Efforts are being made to promote new ideas, processes and technologies in manufacturing, bringing innovation and growth opportunities to the region.

Open to Collaboration: Local and international companies are welcome to collaborate, as well as bring their research and development capabilities to Luxembourg. 5. Leveraging advanced Technology: The use of technology is encouraged, and many manufacturers are using robotics, 3D printing, and other advanced technologies.

High-End Production Capabilities: Luxembourg has some of the most cutting-edge production processes and methods available in Europe.

Comprehensive Support System: The government provides strong support for manufacturing enterprises, including fiscal incentives and streamlined administrative procedures.

Luxembourg’s investment of EUR 5.9 trillion funds success.

Aleksei Dolgikh GIF Luxembourg FUNDS Evaluation By Asset Class Plus Glocal CEO Olga Nayda face and brand identity 3

On 31 December 2021, the net assets of Luxembourg investment funds reached an all-time high of EUR 5.9 trillion or USD 6.6 trillion. This represents a year-on-year increase of EUR 886 billion or + 17.8%.

Retail and institutional investors poured a record amount of money into nearly all asset classes. With net inflows of EUR 394 billion over the past 12 months, and EUR 491 billion stemming from market valuation, the organic growth rate resulting from net subscriptions amounted to 7.9% whereas the impact of markets accounted for 9.9% of the increase in assets.

Looking back over the past four years, with more than EUR 30 billion net subscriptions per month, investors committed more money than ever to Luxembourg investment funds in 2021.

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The Review Trigger: Alex Pospekhov, Luxembourg 🇱🇺 vision from the local business field

🇱🇺 This morning we talked to FEDIL, the Federation (association) of Industries of Luxembourg, about cooperation with startups.

This structure was created more than 100 years ago to lobby the interests of the steel industry.

Now it has more than 700 members, responsible for 35% of Luxembourg’s GDP. And these are far from being steel companies.

Membership is free for two years for startups.

All the events of the organization are attended by CEOs of local companies, ministers and of course prime ministers.

Where they are all open to the networth.

Incredibly, Luxembourg has a huge cluster of projects in Industry 4.0. The small country has very serious expertise in robotics, industrial high tech manufacturing and even a cluster of pharma and healttech.

By the way, it is for Industry 4.0 that Luxembourg has incredible state grant support and the opportunity to receive tons of grants for pure R&D.

Alex Pospekhov FB Post Original on Russian.

Aleksei Dolgikh: 8 Short Paragraphs About Alex Pospekhov:

Aleksei Dolgikh GIF Alex Pospekhov Website Plus Glocal CEO Olga Nayda face and brand identity <3
  1. Early Entrepreneurial Beginnings: Alex Pospekhov is a serial entrepreneur who has 17 years of experience in the tech business. He has been involved in the local business field since his early days when he founded his first company when he was young.
  2. Alex has Aleksei Dolgikh’s favourite startup portal with more than 4 million startups that startup partner (we there at #1 SEO place in deals), F6S page: F6S Alex Pospekhov
  3. Startup Success: Alex Pospekhov is a startup scout that has helped over 200+ startups. He has been involved in a variety of projects and has led to the success of many up-and-coming companies.
  4. Tech Disruption: As a disruption advisor, Alex Pospekhov helps tech founders and government managers bridge the gap between disruptive technologies and those looking to adapt them. He has been able to make sense of new technologies while introducing these concepts to traditional organizations.
  5. Co-Founder Of Space Tech Company: Alex Pospekhov is the co-founder of Mission Space – a space tech company focused on creating efficient and innovative systems for space exploration and transportation. As a part of this venture, Alex has had the opportunity to further his expertise in programming frameworks and technologies related to space research and development.
  6. Other Ventures: In addition to his work with Mission Space, Alex is also the co-founder of – a startup ecosystem company focused on creating and nurturing successful entrepreneurs through mentorship and resources for business owners.
  7. Creative Young Entrepreneur 2022: Most recently, Alex was awarded the Creative Young Entrepreneur (CYEL) 2022 award for his outstanding work in the local business field. This award is given to individuals that display an exceptional level of ambition, creativity, and hard work in their projects and enterprises.
  8. OnDeck Fellow & EU Startup Ecosystem Builders 2019 Alumni: Additionally, Alex Pospekhov is an OnDeck Fellow as well as an EU Startup Ecosystem Builders 2019 alumni. Both of these recognitions are awarded to people who have made significant contributions in the areas of entrepreneurship and building up local startup ecosystems.
  9. Proud Luxembourg Dweller: Aside from his professional accomplishments, Alex is also proud to call himself a Luxembourg dweller and he tries to give back by using his expertise to mentor local startups or help them with problem-solving.

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