Notes for CEO Olya Naida from the Global Gate Accelerator for Startup pitch by Yulia Sedova 🦄

Notes for CEO Olya Naida from the Global Gate Accelerator for Startup pitch training session by Yulia Sedova 🦄

Yulia Sedova Aleksei Dolgikh on the GIF with Olga Nayda
  1. Warming up the story as in the usual standup, adding jargon for emotional reinforcement
  2. Emotion stays, but we forget what we’re doing.
  3. Try to get rid of NDA and DNS layer (although how can you do this if our partner CloudFlare handles about 70% of traffic volume through DNS and this is our secret sauce, it’s Workers OSS in public)
  4. Simplify technical terms with the disclosure of numbers and technical terms
  5. When answering questions, abbreviate a pre-prepared answer
  6. Like for comments on slides that @olianayda doesn’t like but your humble servant @alexdolbun likes
  7. Create a story plan and story about the title aka Japanese term 🎌 Glocal is thinking globally and acting locally with local identity
  8. The most embarrassing questions about {Company Name} – coming soon to Quora and to
  9. Slides need to be interactive in product style
  10. Craft slides to fit the story or speak without a presentation but with a pitch, answering questions and explaining the idea 💡

Who’s Yulia Sedova?

She is the founder of the stand-up project ACUSTICA and a trainer in public speaking.

Yulia is a stand-up comedian and TED-style public speaking coach for entrepreneurs. She also directs documentary projects and helps speakers find their “own voice” on a course of the same name.



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