Olga Nayda CEO of Glocal met founder of Yotta21 Yunus Cebeci at in5 Tech Dubai at AWS Community meeting

On a sunny day in Dubai (actually, it was the first day with rain), Olga Nayda, co-founder of Glocal, and Yunus Cebeci, founder of Yotta21, met again at the AWS Community meeting.

The two had met once before at another in5-based event and the chance meeting that day sparked an interest in both of them to stay in touch.

Olga and her team had arrived at in5 to work on a project, but little did they know that the AWS Community meeting would be a great opportunity to meet again.

Yotta21 is a decentralized crowdfunding platform from Turkey, designed to help projects reach their goals all over the world. Both Olga and Yunus were excited to share this new connection and discuss their shared vision for the platform. They talked about how Yotta21 could help people from all walks of life, from entrepreneurs to students, to investors, to get their projects off the ground.

It was a great opportunity for Olga and Yunus to meet again and explore the possibilities of Yotta21. Their shared enthusiasm and vision for the platform was palpable, and they both left the meeting feeling inspired and empowered to take their projects to the next level.

Glocal and Yotta21 founders Olga Nayda and Yunus Cebeci

Who knows what the future will bring for Yotta21, but it’s clear that Olga and Yunus have a great connection and are passionate about making it a success.



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