What expats look for in a new city? Glocal SEO. Person act globally and think locally with local identity!

How Glocal Optimisations strategy will help you to reach your international audience?

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CEO Olga Nayda of Gloc.al seeks to provide expat immigration and expat lifestyle solutions with the Gloc.al International Search Engine Optimisation Tool at each of the 88 most popular languages in 100 countries in 275 biggest cities worldwide. While this tool provides expedient access to search engine optimisation to a wide audience, it presents some unique challenges for Olga Nayda and her team. The key challenge, in this case, is to ensure that the technology of the Gloc.al International Search Engine Optimisation Tool creates a fast, reliable and secures serverless network that spans multiple countries, languages and cities. This implies that the software must be regularly updated with new functionalities, localisations and deployments to ensure it provides timely and relevant data to users regardless of their location. Furthermore, expats looking for immigration and expat lifestyle solutions will often require in-person consultations which need to be managed accordingly. Finally, as a CEO, Olga Nayda must navigate the complexities of different legal and political systems across borders to ensure her products comply with applicable laws or regulations.

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